Who do you rely on in life?

Who do you rely on in life? God or people? His faithfulness or your hard work? Yes we must work hard in order to achieve something, but there is also a limit when in comes to that sort of stuff. Last 2 years of my life I’ve always compared my result of my test on how much I studied. So when I studied hard I knew that I will do good, but God taught me something else. Since the start of 2015 I’ve decided to take Sundays of. Now meaning taking of is not doing any work (studies) on a Sunday. Now I know there is a lot of debate about that, but hear me out. I really felt challenged to do the seventh day rest thing. It was near the end of the year and somewhere along the line I had to write a test on the Saturday and one on the Monday. It turned out that I got both below 45% (Above 40), meaning I failed both. God used that to humble me in a way I can’t explain exactly how. It ended up that in the final exam I got above 75% for both of that modules. 

I really want to bring glory to God. This is just a example on who I relied when things started going wrong. 

We need to rely on our Father more, because He knows whats best.


Author: Christiaan vd Merwe

The words I write is inspiration from the Holy Spirit. All glory to God!

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