One morning

One morning I woke up and felt like I was on earth. Now this might sound weird, but I pondered on that experience the whole day and came to the conclusion. As believers in Christ we are in this world but we are not from it. That means that we are living in the spirit without knowing it, but sometimes we keep ourselves to busy with the things of this world that we tend to be like the world. God calls us to be His living examples/agents on earth, but we’re to stuck in our individualism that we’re not seeing the bigger picture. The first 27 verses of Romans 8 speaks about life in the Spirit and how we ought to keep our eyes on the cross. The one who lives according to the Spirit, keeps his mind on the things of the Spirit, but the one who lives according to the flesh keeps mind on the things of the flesh. We need to and I can’t stress this enough. WE NEED TO read and meditate on the Word of God more and more. People! God is not going to congratulate you on the “good works you done” He will let you into eternity because of your obedience towards Him. Let us not waste our days here on earth. For it is counted, the day when we stand before God it is finished. There is no turning back then. Then God is going to say “My good and faithful servant, come and share my inheritance with me OR Depart from Me you evil one, for I do not know you”. Many say “yeah but we must enjoy our time on earth”, WE ARE NOT HERE FOR OURSELVES! Yes there is times we can laugh and have fellowship, but we need to be aware of the things of God. We need to be sensitive to His voice.

Pay heed to His instructions, be a good and faithful servant.


Author: Christiaan vd Merwe

The words I write is inspiration from the Holy Spirit. All glory to God!

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