See through

In the world that we live we tend to put on a mask when we encounter people, because we don’t want them to see the hurt. When God chose David as king He said that He doesn’t look at the outer appearance of a man/woman but looks at the heart. God sees right through us and when we enter His presence we are undone by His glory. We can’t wear a mask when it comes to God. Therefor it is ok to look down sometimes, because when life hits you out of no where you tend to be saddened or frustrated.

That is why it is of utter importance that you have people in your life that can speak into your life and that can be by your side when you go through stuff. As Christians we don’t need to act fake. We don’t follow that motto “fake it until you make it”. NO! We live in victory.

It came to me a couple of days back when I didn’t feel well. I drew my strength from the Giver of life and felt energized immediately. Death couldn’t hold Christ down so why must it hold us down. We must see straight through the problem and look to Jesus. Yes, I know it is difficult, but God is standing at the opposite side of that problem trying to catch you attention.

He knows the outcome of every trial. All we need to do is look to the cross of Calvary.


Author: Christiaan vd Merwe

The words I write is inspiration from the Holy Spirit. All glory to God!

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