90* Clean pipe

We must ensure that the vertical connection between us and God is clean, before we can minister through the horizontal connection. The moment our vertical pipe is clogged we tend to process the wrong information and then ending up saying the wrong things, but if our vertical connection with God is crystal clear, then we say the exact words that the Father wants us to speak.

A problem tends to occur when we start feeding or cause a blockage in the vertical pipe. We cause a blockage through feeding ourselves with the world. Focusing to much on the things of the earth, when God calls us to focus on the things above.

Meditating on the Word of God day and night cleans the vertical pipe between us and God. Then it enables us to minster to the Lord’s people. Yes, scripture says we must be ready to preach the gospel in and out of season. Therefor we must be ready, be on our guards to speak truth into the lives of people.

Clean your vertical connection with the Word of God.


Author: Christiaan vd Merwe

The words I write is inspiration from the Holy Spirit. All glory to God!

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