Tool kit

“Fools have the wrong tools”
Quite a radical statement, but true at the same time. If you don’t have the right tools in life, as a Christian, you struggle to get through life. The moment you get to a church, slot in and make sure that you get yourself equipped. If you get equipped, it will help you to approach believers and non believers when sharing the word. Sometime we need some guidance in how to make disciples or how to evangelize. 

For long I didn’t make use of my church’s equipping tools, because I was always to busy. Now recently I started to go through some stuff and I really have felt enriched by it. 

Don’t avoid what is given to you to grow in God. Pursue it and get equipped 


Creating a support structure

Being a believer is not a one man show. It consists of A relationship with God, people and yourself. God is your first ‘go to’ when facing a tough time. He is the One who creates a safe space where¬†you can come and find rest under His wings. He is the One with all the solutions, waiting for you to come to him.

Then… Create a safe space, among¬†fellow believers, people who understand you and will listen to you. Talk to them about the things that bother you. Don’t always try and face it on your own. Use the support structure that is created for you. God is first, then your friends and the yourself.

Facing a trail or tribulation, decisions need to be made. The one way or the other… It all comes down to what God tells you, your support group and then the decision you make, basses om the information or advice you’ve gathered.

Don’t worry about the decision, God already knew that you will make that choice. Before the foundation of the earth He knew the plans for your life, so He knew the choices you’ll make. All is part of His plan, He is under control.