Urgent message?!

Are we serious about the Lord? Are we proclaiming the kingdom of God is at hand? The day of the Lord is near and we need to be ready with oil in our lamps. We need to preach to the nations or the people alongside us. The time of luxury or just sitting around is over.

People! WE NEED TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT GOD! WAKE UP! Why are we continuing in our individualism culture or just focusing on our own salvation. God commanded us to go and preach the gospel to the nations! We need to listen, we need to start somewhere.

Come on people. Wake up



The Bible gives us great ways to handle things in life. It is like a Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Therefor we need to read it in order to discover the instructions God has given us. Many of the instructions we need to hear and also declare over ourselves, because if we declare, in faith, the Word of God over us, so shall it be.

It is also important to follow the instructions in the Bible. Looking at Moses, God gave Him certain instructions to follow. He followed the instructions given by God and lived a prosperous life.

By following the instruction God gives us, we also show that we trust Him and therefor put our faith in Him.

Therefor, read God’s word and discover the instructions and riches He holds for you.

Read and spread the Word 🙂