On what do you focus?

In you daily life, what do you think about? We are called to equip our minds with the helmet of salvation. To focus on the One that is salvation. Then we equip ourselves with the helmet of salvation, because our meditation becomes God. He is the only thing that ought to be on our mind and everything we do we do to the glory of His name. He will remind you by His Spirit what to do. He is the author and the finisher of our faith.

God wants to show us His mysteries, but how can He show us when our minds are occupied by a dozen other things.

Let us read His word more, become more desperate for the things that He wants to show us.

How desperate do you want to be conformed into the image of His son?

What you focus on you’ll become.

Let the word of the Lord become our meditation.



Let us equip ourselves with the belt (of truth)So when we walk in the room all evil will melt (away)

Because there is no place for lies in our minds

And we need to be kind

So we may find

A sound mind 

So let us equip ourselves and believe the truth

On high

Scripture says that we must focus on the things above and not on earthly things. Why do we still tend to struggle with giving over to God and organizing a thousand other things? When we inquire of God for wisdom and ask His will, God will make it happen. Therefor all we need to do is focus on Him. Dwell on His scripture day and night.

We tend to look for answers in front of us, but meanwhile God wants us to focus on Him and His mysteries will be revealed to us.

This last few days every time I close my eyes I see the cross. Every time I look up to the sky, I see the cross. Let us focus on the cross of Calvary and all other things will fall into place. We serve a almighty God that knows our heart. Therefor we don’t even need to ask, because He already knows what He’s going to provide and what time.

We can just be still and know that He is God.

See through

In the world that we live we tend to put on a mask when we encounter people, because we don’t want them to see the hurt. When God chose David as king He said that He doesn’t look at the outer appearance of a man/woman but looks at the heart. God sees right through us and when we enter His presence we are undone by His glory. We can’t wear a mask when it comes to God. Therefor it is ok to look down sometimes, because when life hits you out of no where you tend to be saddened or frustrated.

That is why it is of utter importance that you have people in your life that can speak into your life and that can be by your side when you go through stuff. As Christians we don’t need to act fake. We don’t follow that motto “fake it until you make it”. NO! We live in victory.

It came to me a couple of days back when I didn’t feel well. I drew my strength from the Giver of life and felt energized immediately. Death couldn’t hold Christ down so why must it hold us down. We must see straight through the problem and look to Jesus. Yes, I know it is difficult, but God is standing at the opposite side of that problem trying to catch you attention.

He knows the outcome of every trial. All we need to do is look to the cross of Calvary.

Cut out!

Overthinking much? Can’t figure stuff out? Trying to analyze everything? Sometimes it is important to realize that you’re not the one to figure everything out and need to go in faith. God is the author and the finisher of our faith. He is the One who has everything planned and we just need to pay attention to what He wants to do. Doesn’t help we tune into the wrong “radio station” every day and get the wrong info. We must tune into God’s radio station and block the unnecessary frequencies that tries to confuse us. When you begin to think to much, clear your mind with the blood of Christ. It works!

Don’t be confused. Clear your mind and devote your mind to God.

Way of thinking

Our way of thinking, determine our paths. Ideologies, world view, perspectives all the thought process of the human mind. On the other hand, a mind that is governed by the one and only Creator is a different thing. That is a kind of mindset that’s not easily influenced by corrupt things that happens around him or her. That mind is covered by the blood of Jesus and the thoughts of that mind is enriching.

Renew your mind daily and see what difference it makes. I can testify that my mind is much more clearer if I renew it by the blood of Jesus.

Cross centred mind set

When a lot of things all happens at once, bewildered we try to fix it ourselves, but we can’t. In the midst of all chaos a cross appears. Everything comes to a hold and you look at the cross. The cross of Jesus Christ that saved you and set you free from every bondage and sin. For the chaos was an attempt from the enemy trying to confuse you, but the moment you set your mind on the cross of Christ all chaos turned quiet and you knew exactly what to do. Walk towards the cross of Jesus Christ and every time an attack from the enemy comes, take authority over that situation and keep your mind focused on the cross. Yes, I know it is difficult in the world we live to focus on the cross, but at least we must try. Therefor try to worship the Lord your God with all your mind, soul and body* forever and ever amen.

*Mark 12:30