A bit rusty

Come and give us grease

So we may be released

To proclaim the Prince of peace

God invites us to partake of His divine plan. He is the one that makes us apart of His family. We must consecrate ourselves and allow Him to work through us. God gives us the oil to keep the lamp in our hearts burning. It is He who gives us to words to speak into the lives of His people. The moment we speak His words people can’t, but experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.

(Lord, may You grant us boldness to proclaim Your peace and may we be ready to speak Your words. Amen.)


Peace from above

Blessings of peaceFrom above

To calm our hearts

And all we can do is shout Hallelujah, Be thankful and shine

For the Lord our God is in us

Never to leave or forsake us

His peace reigns in our hearts

There lets praise His name without shame


Living under God’s protection, is living under a dome. It is like to be coverd with foam. But do not boast or you will eat burnt toast. Only boast in the Cross. Because with God there is no loss. So be aware of His presence and don’t live in neglegence, because He didn’t for nothing, He died for something. He died so you may have life and have it to the full.
May God be gloryfied through our lifestyle. In Jesus name!

Blank page

Every day starts with a blank page. Every morning we wake up with grace from above. The Lord God Almighty reigns and his light is shining upon us.  We yet have another opportunity to start the day new and bring glory to God.  So what will we do to bring glory to God ?  In this day shine Your light on us so people may see Your glory and may be drawn near by Your light.

Be glorified through us today Father and may we exalt Your name above every situation and in all things.  To you be the glory, power and the kingdom for ever and ever amen.

Grace from above

As raindrops  falls from the sky grace is pouring down from heaven.  Each of us has received a portion of grace given to us by God*.  Soak it up like a sponge and enjoy it.  Share how the grace of God changed your life. Thank God for His hand in your life, because every day He covered you with His grace. The grace of God falling from heaven is a blessing from our heavenly Father. Let us rejoice and be glad for the grace and love God pours on our lives.  May His praise always be on your lips.


Rain from above