Whisper in His ear

And He will hear

The words that you kindly tell Him.

So sing hymn

And never give in.

Your prayer never hits the roof.

Keep on going,

With your prayers you’re sowing.

Changing lives by His grace

Leading them into His place.

And people will fit into His heavenly space.




Prayer to You my King

To You my King,

my praise I bring.

My hearts desire is to serve you,

with you there is no monday blue.

So use me as an instrument.

Till the end of earth Your name will go,

Your timing is never slow.

So let Your kingdom come,

and Your will be done

In Jesus name,


Power of prayer

One day I was walking to going get something in the car.  The moment I approached the car there was a lady next to me trying to start a car but it didn’t want to.  I thought then and there of brain for the car to start and I just that  thought the car started.  If a thought can only do so much power how more can a prayer do?  We are warriors in the kingdom of God not warriors with natural armor, but faithful prayer warriors taking part in what’s happening in the kingdom of God.

Praying constantly is like talking to a friend for hours. My brain we are talking to God our Creator.  In the Word he told us to pray without ceasing.   Can’t use this as a formal setting tasks on earth. We are prayer warriors  have a responsibility towards the kingdom of God,  because we pray is like a counter attack against what the devil is trying to do.  Counter attack against what the devil is trying to do

Therefore take up the full armour of God. Stand and pray without ceasing