On what do you focus?

In you daily life, what do you think about? We are called to equip our minds with the helmet of salvation. To focus on the One that is salvation. Then we equip ourselves with the helmet of salvation, because our meditation becomes God. He is the only thing that ought to be on our mind and everything we do we do to the glory of His name. He will remind you by His Spirit what to do. He is the author and the finisher of our faith.

God wants to show us His mysteries, but how can He show us when our minds are occupied by a dozen other things.

Let us read His word more, become more desperate for the things that He wants to show us.

How desperate do you want to be conformed into the image of His son?

What you focus on you’ll become.

Let the word of the Lord become our meditation.


Cut out!

Overthinking much? Can’t figure stuff out? Trying to analyze everything? Sometimes it is important to realize that you’re not the one to figure everything out and need to go in faith. God is the author and the finisher of our faith. He is the One who has everything planned and we just need to pay attention to what He wants to do. Doesn’t help we tune into the wrong “radio station” every day and get the wrong info. We must tune into God’s radio station and block the unnecessary frequencies that tries to confuse us. When you begin to think to much, clear your mind with the blood of Christ. It works!

Don’t be confused. Clear your mind and devote your mind to God.