Grace from above

Believe and receive without grieve,

The gift of eternal life. 

Don’t strive to do good works, but be content with what He has lent. 

Also, don’t leave a dent, but repent of your evil works. For all fall short of the glory of God, but those who call upon the Lord shall be saved.



Just wait and see!

He works in our waitingIt will be a great thing

Because He is our King

Death no longer has its sting

So therefor we’ll sing

Glory to our King

In patience we’ll wait

And receive our inheritance at the heavenly gate

It’ll will be great

So let us wait in faith for the promises of God is just around the corner

Showing off

Let God work within you. Don’t try and be austentascicus. We’re not called to show the world our nice clothing or brand new cars. We are called to be light bearers and through that people will see Christ. We are part of His kingdom, dressed in royalty.So don’t try and show people what you’ve done in life by bragging, but live a Christ like lifestyle. Where you can speak into people’s lives and contribute to their growth in God. We are called to look out for one another’s needs. Don’t just look to yourself, but look to God, seeking to inspire His people.

Walk in His ways

We are called to walk in the path that God has planned for us, but sometimes we are just a little to full of our selves and that causes us to disobey His way. We are called to walk the way that God has for us, because it is the best way. He knows what is best for us and all we need to do is to trust in His plan. When facing hardships we can’t just blame God. We need to embrace the trials and tribulations, because it is bringing us closer to Him.

As scripture says: “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”

Remote control

As revelation states that Jesus is standing at the door and knocking, but are we opening. Sometimes in our lives we tend to try and control Jesus with a remote control and when we need Him. Afterwards we will be like “ah thank you Jesus”. That is not how we ought to treat Jesus. He wants to be apart of our lives and therefor we must give ourselves to Him as living sacrifices.

Let us not treat Jesus with contempt, but look to Him in ever situation.

Self image

Are we more concerned about what to wear to church or do we rather look to prepare our heart for receiving the word of God? Do we fall into that trap of spending more money on ourselves than investing it in the kingdom of God? Are we being good stewards of time here on earth? or are we using it to satisfy our own needs?

God’s image needs to be displayed towards the world, not the materialistic things. For what ever you do, in word or deed, let it be done in the name of the Lord, but don’t you dare use that phrase to justify your actions.

Time for playing is over! We need to lay aside our will and let God’s will be done. We are to aware of ourselves that we miss what God has planned for us.

Wake up church! The time has come that we spend more time in the word of God than anywhere else. For those who are friends of this world can’t be friends of God.

We need to start to get serious about the Lord