O Lord! You know the hearts of Your people, and yet you let us live.

What a gracious God we serve!

God we thank you that we can live for Your glory.

May our incense rise to You, and may we never stop praising You.

Lord help us to draw closer to You

and Father? Forgive us if we step outside Your will.



Birth of Jesus – Hope to the people

The birth of Jesus brought us hope. It brought us out of despair. God sent His son to lead us out of darkness into the marvelous light. Hosanna! Hosanna to the highest! Glory to God for all that He has done for us. The fact that He sent His son Jesus Christ, is the greatest thing that ever happened in history. Otherwise we still would’ve sat in misery and just continued to sin. But now we have a reason to live, a reason to shout for joy. Because God lives, we can see tomorrow. It is because of His grace that we can breathe another breath. Hallelujah to the One who sits on high. Who gives us hope to live, the One who helps us through all the hard trails that we face. The One who gives us a gift of eternal life. The one who walks by our side showing us the way.

O how glorious is Your works o God! Praise Your holy name. May our lives be a living sacrifice to Your name

To You be the glory, power and kingdom

Forever and ever


Come and drink

O come and drink of the living water that God offers you

Out of the blue

Be refreshed by His Spirit

Come drink

and don’t sink

into hell

Because if you drink of the living water and live according to His will

You will spill

His living water to other people

and they will be inspired to live a holy and consecrated life

A bit rusty

Come and give us grease

So we may be released

To proclaim the Prince of peace

God invites us to partake of His divine plan. He is the one that makes us apart of His family. We must consecrate ourselves and allow Him to work through us. God gives us the oil to keep the lamp in our hearts burning. It is He who gives us to words to speak into the lives of His people. The moment we speak His words people can’t, but experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.

(Lord, may You grant us boldness to proclaim Your peace and may we be ready to speak Your words. Amen.)

-Colored in-

This day is full of laughter, full of joy, colored in by His love. He wants to make this one of our best days of our lives. He colored in our lives with His love. Let us be thankful and bow in worship. When we are sad, He brightens our day with joy. When we are low on energy, He gives us strength. The moment our hearts are broken, He restores it through the love of His son. Let us bring glory to our Father to live a holy life. Let us realize how much God colors in our lives.

God, open up our eyes so we may see you beauty, the beauty You’ve created.