Just wait and see!

He works in our waitingIt will be a great thing

Because He is our King

Death no longer has its sting

So therefor we’ll sing

Glory to our King

In patience we’ll wait

And receive our inheritance at the heavenly gate

It’ll will be great

So let us wait in faith for the promises of God is just around the corner


Command…Despite your circumstances

Our circumstances tends to take a tall on us sometimes, and then our speech becomes negative. But the Word says that we must rejoice. We must proclaim in faith that whatever lies ahead is going to be blessed. There is too much negative in the world, and we are the game changers. We have the authority through Christ to command His will to be done, because many times people sow their own destruction. They either disobey the voice of God or speak “death”. By speaking death they sow destruction upon their own life. Where God has come to give us life and life in abundance, we ought to proclaim what He has said and not let the wickedness of this world overtake our speech.

What the heart is full of the mouth will speak. And that goes with how much time we spend in the word of God. He is our provider of life and in all we do, we ought to give Him glory for that. So quick question… Do we, in everything we do, give glory to God, or do we do it in self indulgence? We were not created for our own glory, but for the glory of God to be revealed.

Wait upon Him and speak the words of wisdom.

Desperate for faith or money?

Do we pray for an increase of faith or finances to support us through our lives? We are not here on earth just to survive, but bring glory to God. Sometimes I catch myself longing after the materialistic things of this world. If we ask God for faith, He’ll increase it. The moment we put our faith in Him all other things will fall into place, but like to be in control and the world teaches us that things must happen immediately. Then just like Abraham, we tend to make our own plans which either fail or graciously succeed.

God calls us to trust in Him, because He has our plans in His hands.

Who do we put our faith in?

Your will, be still and know God’s will

We get so caught up in our prayer life and praying according to our own will, that we miss the will of God. Therefor we need to be still and pray His will.

The moment we pray and move in accordance with the will of God, then when we become more like Christ. If we pray according to the will of God, He gives us His vision with a mission her on earth. That passion compels us to do the will of the Father in heaven.

So let us not pray our will, but be still and know God’s will.

Community of faith

We ought to be in tuned with our Father. Listening to the words that He is trying to speak to us. Often we are too much in tuned with the radio stations of this world and then we tend to miss what God is trying to tell us. The moment that we are in tuned with God, being still and knowing that He is God, that is the moment we will start to hear every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Father. Sometimes we get to entangled with our daily tasks that we miss the things of God.

As community of believers we ought to encourage one another. We ought to preach the Word of God in and out of season. When we aren’t in tune with God we might miss the opportunity to encourage our fellow believers and that is one of the reason why the body of Christ is suffering. It is because of the individualistic mindset that people of faith have. We tend to focus on climbing the corporate¬†ladder that we miss what is going on in front of our nose. Be there for your fellow believers, trust in God for a word of encouragement. The world we live in is flooded with negativity and critiques that one word of encouragement can mean the world to a person.

Let us be still and know that He is God.

Let us be in tuned with the Father and speak His words.

The great “I am”

He is the great I am. The beginning and the end. Our future and our past. The author and finisher of our faith. Why do we try and take control of our lives? Why do we as human beings things that we can manage on our own. Because we are afraid that if it doesn’t go our way, nothing will go right. WRONG! God will direct your steps and will lead you on the path that He has carved out for you. Sometimes the path isn’t the greatest thing you ever experience, but the Lord disciplines those He love. So don’t go and curse God when things go wrong. We ought to follow the example of Paul, by rejoicing in the times of trials. Let us become still and know that He is God. Letting everything in His hands and knowing that He let all things work for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose.


You are a new creation

by your meditation

on the Word

You are born into the family of Christ

The King who sits on the highest

Your life is a vessel,

that can sometimes feel like a wrestle

Sometimes you hit a whole,

that goes right to your soul,

and you don’t know what’s the goal,

but you trust that He is in control.

So keep on seeking the Righteous One

And you will become

Like His son

To shine His light,

as bright, at night, with all your might

And as your walk with Him,

singing a hymn

He smiles upon your life

Knowing that you are alive (in Him)

Taking His hand and following Him

For He has great plans, just let it in His hands

Keep up the good work chosen one.