Love is patient

Without love we are nothing. Without God we can’t live. With Him we can do all things.

His love is patient and endures us through our suffering. It is His love that keeps us through the day. Don’t net get easily angered, but renew your mind constantly. The moment you renew your mind, the love of God will manifest in you. His love is patient and enables you to give it to other people. When you stay patient in great trial of affliction, people tend to wonder why. It is the love of Christ in you that makes them wonder.

Let us be filled with His love and be patient at all times.

Just to add to that. The moment we are being patient, we’re also being still. Being still in the Lord means that we acknowledge that He is in control. The moment we are still is the moment we start to look at His creation and glorify Him. He wants us to focus on Him. Let us love each other with the love of Christ and by that people will see that we are His disciples.


Open arms

What?! Where did that attack come from?! I fell and wasn’t prepared for it at all. Be vigilant believers! Don’t let your guard down one moment. As scripture say “Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

Run to the Father’s arms. He is standing with open arms waiting for you to run to Him. Don’t indulge yourself with the things of this world, but renew your mind knowing what the will of the Father is. Build each other as long it is still day. We are part of the body of Christ and the moment if one gets heart all suffer. Therefor we must be there for one another in the time of need. Run to the Father, be prepared to preach the Word to your fellow believer. Put on the armor of God and don’t let your guard down. Don’t be condemned if you sin, for the is no condemnation for those who live in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).

God loves you no matter what. Dwell on the Word of God daily.

Cling to what is good and hate what is evil. Keep your friends in prayer.

Don’t let anything steal that intimacy you have with Christ.

Willing sacrifice

Are we willing to sacrifice our lives,
So it may be revived?
Are we willing to give up our selfishness,
And let God reign in our hearts with His righteuosness?
Or above all there is still stuff that we hold on to,
Can we really say that we trust You?
How long shall hold on to our precious tresures,
Let God take it by His gestures.
He knows best for your life,
Let go and let God.

Sin & Guilt

Sin and guilt goes hand in hand. Sin cause guilt and therefor that guilt makes us feel far from God. Guilt causes us to feel sorry for ourselves and also leads to us living with a defeated mindset BUT… God has beaten sin. He has conquered death. On the cross He took ALL our sins away and that is what it means to be empowered by grace. To live in the freedom God has given us and if we make a mistake in life that causes sin to enter into our hearts, we repent and ask God for forgiveness.

God won’t cause us to feel guilty about our sin, because He loves us and won’t suppress us. The devil want us to feel guilty and therefor feel far form God. Rebuke that guilt and live in God’s freedom.

Conviction on the other hand is something else. That is when you choose to ignore something that the Spirit has laid on your heart to do and He reminds you of it. Turn back and do it, don’t live in fear if you didn’t do it. Move in faith

Touched by God

At the beginning of this year I had an encounter with God’s love. From that day I was changed and something inside me was awaken. Although I was save since a young age, I only had a real encounter with the love of God at the beginning of this year. I could experience what it felt to rebuke the enemy when he tried to temp me, because I knew that God had so much more in store for me.

A week past and everything went smoothly, but then I fell into that mindset “ok, I have the love of God, now I’m immune to sin”, and that is where I made the mistake. Pride entered my life and I fell into temptation. After that I realized that I must still keep on following Christ and His teachings. For when we think we’re “ok”, it is than when we’re actually not ok.

What I am trying to say is that we must live in humility, in need of God. We must ask God for an encounter with His love so that we can know Him better.

A better relationship with God means we start to know who we are in Him.

Live by example

People look at Christians. They look at the example they’re setting. Yes, we are human and make mistakes, but let us not forget the One who gave us life and life in abundance. Living a joyful life, people will wonder. Setting a example, people will start asking questions. God is alive in you, sin doesn’t control your life, your circumstances doesn’t depend your mood. Yes, it is hard to stay focused during the hard times. It is needed that we go through it to be formed into the image of God. Jesus’ life is an excellent example of how to live, but we’re not Jesus?! I know, but let us strive to live as that kind of example. God will guide us with His grace. Let us try, with everything inside of us, to keep our focus on the cross of Calvary.

Our Jesus died for us to live in freedom. Let us praise Him with our lives.

Under His umbrella

Standing under His umbrella we are covered by His grace. Looking up to Him, He smiles upon our lives. In everything we do we pursue righteousness and walk in an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Living under His umbrella we hear His voice clearly and live in obedience . Under His umbrella we are protected by His love. Still be aware of the things happening around you, because we can so easily be influenced by the things of this world. For example, look at the church of Ephesus. They resisted the evil things of the false prophets, but in ongoing fellowship or interaction with these false prophets the people of Ephesus turned away from their first love (Christ). With this example I want to show that we can move out under the umbrella of Christ and follow our own route. Then we won’t hear His voice and won’t walk in an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

You choose… A life with Christ or a friend of this world?