O Lord! You know the hearts of Your people, and yet you let us live.

What a gracious God we serve!

God we thank you that we can live for Your glory.

May our incense rise to You, and may we never stop praising You.

Lord help us to draw closer to You

and Father? Forgive us if we step outside Your will.



Command…Despite your circumstances

Our circumstances tends to take a tall on us sometimes, and then our speech becomes negative. But the Word says that we must rejoice. We must proclaim in faith that whatever lies ahead is going to be blessed. There is too much negative in the world, and we are the game changers. We have the authority through Christ to command His will to be done, because many times people sow their own destruction. They either disobey the voice of God or speak “death”. By speaking death they sow destruction upon their own life. Where God has come to give us life and life in abundance, we ought to proclaim what He has said and not let the wickedness of this world overtake our speech.

What the heart is full of the mouth will speak. And that goes with how much time we spend in the word of God. He is our provider of life and in all we do, we ought to give Him glory for that. So quick question… Do we, in everything we do, give glory to God, or do we do it in self indulgence? We were not created for our own glory, but for the glory of God to be revealed.

Wait upon Him and speak the words of wisdom.

Where do you store your treasure?

I’ve been challenged with the thought of “where do you store your treasure?”  I felt quite convicted, because I do tend to store up some of my treasure here on earth. Then a scripture came to mind which says “The flowers of the field may wither, but the Word of the Lord will stand forever”. We are not called to store up our treasures on earth where moths can sit on and robbers can steal it. We ought to invest in the kingdom of God, by spending time in His word and being formed into the image of His son. Our meditation ought to be on our Father not on what to buy next or what to wear. God knows us best and calls us to store up our treasures in heaven.


Revive o heart,It is not that hard.

Breath Your breath into me,

That is all I need.

Just reading Your word restores my soul,

And gives me a daily goal.

So do not grow weary o heart,

He plays a big part.

So read His Word and believe,

And you will receive.

A blessing from above,

Which will let you fall in love,

With our Savior.

Our God is great, 

worthy of all our praise,

Ruler above all.

Hallelujah to our King! 

Head to the heart

Every day we wake up, there is things we need to do. Firstly is to get out of bed. What followed is guided by God’s grace. At the beginning of the day, we’ll decide what is on the agenda today, or other people will just go with the flow. When it comes going through the day, it is important to choose Jesus first in all that’s being done. To make a decision to praise Him with your actions during the day. To openly proclaim that He is the risen Lord.

Follow Him with your heart and let Him fill you with His love.