Willing sacrifice

Are we willing to sacrifice our lives,
So it may be revived?
Are we willing to give up our selfishness,
And let God reign in our hearts with His righteuosness?
Or above all there is still stuff that we hold on to,
Can we really say that we trust You?
How long shall hold on to our precious tresures,
Let God take it by His gestures.
He knows best for your life,
Let go and let God.


Hitting the ROOF

Sometimes in life when we pray it feels like our prayers are hitting the roof and not reaching God. He hears everything, don’t let doubt flood your mind and stop you of praying for a certain thing in your life. God hears every single word you speak. Remember satin will try and sow doubt in our minds letting us think that our prayers aren’t reaching God, but that’s a lie. God knows your hearts desire and will make everything work for the good of those who love Him and who’ve been called according to His purpose.

So don’t get discouraged when you feel that your prayer isn’t been answered.

God has His timing. Keep on believing.

Time of prayer


We’ve all been called to pray. Pray that our nation will be changed, prayed that God’s will be done. Intercessors! Stand up and take your place, a revival is coming and you, our prayer warriors, need to be awake and prepare the ground with prayer. Stand in the gap for your nation and don’t just sit back expecting things to change on its own. God listens to your prayers, don’t get discouraged. Keep on praying. We need to stand ready for the new tide of believers that is coming in and committing to Christ. We need to catch them in time before they get lost. Disciplining! But we need our prayer warriors, our intercessors.

There is no time set out for prayer. Pray whenever you can!


Jesus in our midst

With Jesus in our midst and His presence, through the Holy Spirit, around us. We can only but bow down to the King of kings. Let us bow in awe and wonder of what He has done. Let us bring Him praise. Let us declare with our hearts that He is the King that rose from the dead and lives again. He is among us. Yes, He appears to several people all across the earth and we know that He is alive.

He is alive in us!

Bread of life

If you’ve tasted a part of the bread of life once, you’ll never want anything ever again. When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan women He told her: “The water I can give you, drink of it and you’ll never thirst again.” 

Since the 25th of January I’ve tasted the real love of God and since then I’ve not been the same. I felt so alive in God and could “live again”. When temptation came I could easily rebuke it and go on with life, because I was knew that I had something greater in me that is in the world. The week of the 8th of February things changed a bit, without me realizing. The devil started to creep in slowly with things of this world and it felt like the ‘Love’ faded away. I was beginning to spend more time in the world than with God. Last night (11th February) the devil came to knock on my door with temptation like I’ve never experienced since the 25th of January. The fact is, I didn’t give in to masturbation of pornography, but still fed the flesh in some sort of way.

After everything happened, I looked back at this week and saw how everything led up to this one night. Now I could understand what it means to live in the Spirit. To really say no to the desires of the flesh and since I’ve experience the love of God I could resist temptation, but the moment I started to live in the flesh and feed the flesh with things of this world, then everything started to go bad without me realizing it. 

Be alert! The devil is walking around like a roaring lion. Seeking to kill, steal and destroy. 

Set on things above

We are called to heirs of Christ. We’re not called to be slaves to sin. For who the Son sets free is free in did. You’re no longer a slave to sin, but a child of God. Accepted and loved by our heavenly Father. The same power that rose Christ from the dead lives inside of you, don’t forget that.

It is important in our daily lifestyle that we don’t focus on the sinful desires, but living by the Spirit focus on the things of the Spirit. What may that be? Simply by praying in the Spirit, talking to God or even resisting temptations when it comes your way.

Ya, I know we are not perfect human beings, but we can still strive towards living like Christ. We are more than conquers through Christ.

So let us live as “kings” and live out the gospel.


It is all about the choices you make in life. God already knew before the foundation of the earth that you’ll make that choice on that exact time. That is sooooo epic?! Don’t be scared to make the “wrong choice”, because God is in you and will guide you in the direction where He wants to be.

I also worried at some stage that the choices I’ll make would be the wrong ones, but God says in His word that “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper and not to harm, but bring a bright future” and also “and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”.

Now there is some things I ask God if I must do it, but there is also places where I decide something and go with that decision.

Go in faith with the decision you make, but don’t forget to inquire of God.