Self image

Are we more concerned about what to wear to church or do we rather look to prepare our heart for receiving the word of God? Do we fall into that trap of spending more money on ourselves than investing it in the kingdom of God? Are we being good stewards of time here on earth? or are we using it to satisfy our own needs?

God’s image needs to be displayed towards the world, not the materialistic things. For what ever you do, in word or deed, let it be done in the name of the Lord, but don’t you dare use that phrase to justify your actions.

Time for playing is over! We need to lay aside our will and let God’s will be done. We are to aware of ourselves that we miss what God has planned for us.

Wake up church! The time has come that we spend more time in the word of God than anywhere else. For those who are friends of this world can’t be friends of God.

We need to start to get serious about the Lord


On what do you focus?

In you daily life, what do you think about? We are called to equip our minds with the helmet of salvation. To focus on the One that is salvation. Then we equip ourselves with the helmet of salvation, because our meditation becomes God. He is the only thing that ought to be on our mind and everything we do we do to the glory of His name. He will remind you by His Spirit what to do. He is the author and the finisher of our faith.

God wants to show us His mysteries, but how can He show us when our minds are occupied by a dozen other things.

Let us read His word more, become more desperate for the things that He wants to show us.

How desperate do you want to be conformed into the image of His son?

What you focus on you’ll become.

Let the word of the Lord become our meditation.

RE-fined by fire

There is a season for each one of us. It is not always easy to see the reason for the season or why we’re being refined by fire. The end result will be a pure peace of gold. Our faith will be much stronger. All we need is faith. “The testing of your faith produces perseverance”. We are called to be image bearers of Christ and therefor we mustn’t complain when we are going through a tough time. Romans 8:18 says that we mustn’t compare the suffering we are experiencing with glory that will be revealed in us.

It is also important to know that God loves each and everyone. Scripture says that “God disciplines those He love.” We must therefor embrace the season that we are in, for God will everything work for the good of those who love Him and who has been called according to His purpose.

Mirror Image

When you look into the mirror, you see a reflection of yourself. Look deeper and you see, inside yourself, how God sees you. Just imagine everyone looks at each other through the eyes of Christ. They look at themselves with the loving eyes of the Father. There won’t be such think as judging a person on their physical appearance.

Who’s mirror image are you? Reflecting yourself or reflecting the Creator who made you. The one who formed you in your mothers’ womb. Made in His image?! We can’t ask for much more. We are made in the image of God! wow!!! Looking at yourself in the mirror you ought to see a beautiful creation of Christ. One of a kind

Don’t look into the mirror and judge yourself saying “I’m to fat or to thin” or whatever the case might be. Christ made you and that is all that matters. Live in that thought!

Christ didn’t make you for no reason. He made you for a reason!