Urgent message?!

Are we serious about the Lord? Are we proclaiming the kingdom of God is at hand? The day of the Lord is near and we need to be ready with oil in our lamps. We need to preach to the nations or the people alongside us. The time of luxury or just sitting around is over.

People! WE NEED TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT GOD! WAKE UP! Why are we continuing in our individualism culture or just focusing on our own salvation. God commanded us to go and preach the gospel to the nations! We need to listen, we need to start somewhere.

Come on people. Wake up


Birth of Jesus – Hope to the people

The birth of Jesus brought us hope. It brought us out of despair. God sent His son to lead us out of darkness into the marvelous light. Hosanna! Hosanna to the highest! Glory to God for all that He has done for us. The fact that He sent His son Jesus Christ, is the greatest thing that ever happened in history. Otherwise we still would’ve sat in misery and just continued to sin. But now we have a reason to live, a reason to shout for joy. Because God lives, we can see tomorrow. It is because of His grace that we can breathe another breath. Hallelujah to the One who sits on high. Who gives us hope to live, the One who helps us through all the hard trails that we face. The One who gives us a gift of eternal life. The one who walks by our side showing us the way.

O how glorious is Your works o God! Praise Your holy name. May our lives be a living sacrifice to Your name

To You be the glory, power and kingdom

Forever and ever


Active radar

From where do you depart from?

We must depart from our knees. We are called to be God’s faithful prayer warriors. When the Bible says we must pray without ceasing, it means that we must pray at all times. Our point of departure must be from our knees. We must pray according to the will of the Father. We have the authority to unleash the power of God here on earth.

The moment we start praying constantly, it is then when we become active in the Spirit and sensitive to what is to come. Then we’ll get a direct download from heaven telling us what is going to happen and what we need to pray for.

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

If we all start praying as a church, then this nation will be changed.



“Those who live according to the Spirit are children of God”

You are loved by Him, made by Him and used by Him. You are good enough! You are part of a royal priesthood, holy nation and chosen generation. You mean so much to Him that He sent His only son to die for all your sins. That is how much He loves you.

Those who is called children of God has the Spirit of God. Therefor the same power that rose Christ from the dead lives in you! You have the authority. You inherited in from your Father in heaven. Don’t feel condemned, because there is no condemnation for those who live in Christ Jesus.

You are accepted by Him! No need to seek acceptance

Why look any further when God stands right in front of you with His arms wide open. Just rest in the shadow of His wings.