God is light

God is light

That shines so bright

With all His might

The darkness takes flight

And there is victory!


Far ahead

Far up ahead there is a light that was shed

So our sins could be pardoned instead

Our King who bled and was found dead

Is breathing in life again

And showing us the way


We grow up in a world where everything needs to happen quickly. “I want it now” or “Get the new I phone now”. That is called consumerism culture! We ought to be content with the things that God gives us. Not long for things of this world, because He knows our heart and will provide accordingly. We ought to be content in the Lord, because godliness with contentment is great gain.

So let us not cling to the things of this world, saying “I want this” or “I want that. Let us cling to the things of the Lord.

Let go of the things of the world and be a light for God. Why does that seem so odd for people? Because we want to see things, and to believe and be a light for God is sometimes a hard concept to understand. He made us full of life and passion for His name, let us shine it before His people.

Let us not get impatient with God, but be in the waiting.

Like a match

As I sat in front of the fire, I started to throw in unlit matches. I carried on for a while before I got a revelation. We are the match and the Holy Spirit is the part that lights us up.

Without the Holy Spirit we can’t burn the fire of God in our hearts.

We need the Spirit to breath new life in us everyday,

We need the Spirit to show us the way.

The moment the Spirit say, we must obey

Let us show other people the way

With the fire of God in our hearts


You are a new creation

by your meditation

on the Word

You are born into the family of Christ

The King who sits on the highest

Your life is a vessel,

that can sometimes feel like a wrestle

Sometimes you hit a whole,

that goes right to your soul,

and you don’t know what’s the goal,

but you trust that He is in control.

So keep on seeking the Righteous One

And you will become

Like His son

To shine His light,

as bright, at night, with all your might

And as your walk with Him,

singing a hymn

He smiles upon your life

Knowing that you are alive (in Him)

Taking His hand and following Him

For He has great plans, just let it in His hands

Keep up the good work chosen one.



Old ways

Don’t go back to your old ways. Stick to the new.He has called you out of darkness into marvelous light

Into a place you’ll walk and the room will light up

People’s heads will turn because of the anointing upon your life

Therefor be alert

The world wants that intimacy with you

God is a jealous God wants you to focus on Him

Let us not walk with the world, but follow the path rhat God has carved out for us

God’s anointing 

Blessings from heavenWhat is there better?

Afresh by God’s anointing

Setting us alight for His kingdom

Come on!!!


Let the living water flow from your heart

Become the Word to His people

Shine your light!

Rejoice! 🙂

God is in you! 🙂