Our Father

Did you ever realize when Jesus taught the disciples how to pray He never said “my Father”. He began by saying “our Father”. When we prayer, our prayer mustn’t be focused on ourselves, but must be aimed at the people and circumstances around us. God already knows what plans He has for your life and He will let it happen no matter what. Therefor when stepping into prayer knowing that God will provide according to His plan. One can easily focus on other things than yourselves. Now I’m not saying that you can’t pray for a breakthrough or that there is something wrong in praying for yourself. What I’m suggesting is just that we should shift our focus to the things around us.

We are part of one body and if one of the parts suffer, then we all suffer with that part. The only way that the body of Christ would work effective is if they pray for one another and walk in accountability with each other.

Be blessed with the love of the Father.


Blank page

Every day starts with a blank page. Every morning we wake up with grace from above. The Lord God Almighty reigns and his light is shining upon us.  We yet have another opportunity to start the day new and bring glory to God.  So what will we do to bring glory to God ?  In this day shine Your light on us so people may see Your glory and may be drawn near by Your light.

Be glorified through us today Father and may we exalt Your name above every situation and in all things.  To you be the glory, power and the kingdom for ever and ever amen.