Grace from above

Believe and receive without grieve,

The gift of eternal life. 

Don’t strive to do good works, but be content with what He has lent. 

Also, don’t leave a dent, but repent of your evil works. For all fall short of the glory of God, but those who call upon the Lord shall be saved.




You are a new creation

by your meditation

on the Word

You are born into the family of Christ

The King who sits on the highest

Your life is a vessel,

that can sometimes feel like a wrestle

Sometimes you hit a whole,

that goes right to your soul,

and you don’t know what’s the goal,

but you trust that He is in control.

So keep on seeking the Righteous One

And you will become

Like His son

To shine His light,

as bright, at night, with all your might

And as your walk with Him,

singing a hymn

He smiles upon your life

Knowing that you are alive (in Him)

Taking His hand and following Him

For He has great plans, just let it in His hands

Keep up the good work chosen one.



Dark valley… Grace (Devo)

Psalm‬ ‭23:4‬ ‭“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”‭‭

On Saturday night I had the worst experience of my life. For the first time in my life I had serious suicidal thoughts and I wanted to do it… But i kept on messaging people and staying in contact asking people to pray for me, because I was in desperate need. That was my darkest valley and yet God was faithful and carried me through it with His grace. With His rod and staff He comforted me. The next morning I went to church and struggled to worship and really experienced this heavy burden on me. I just experienced God telling me that the devil was trying to condemn me. I got home and spent time in the Word of God. After that I switched on my phone and got a voice note from a friend. In that voice notes the friend gave me words of encouragement that I needed in that moment. Like i cant even explain how perfect the timing was. Like I experienced some fear and then the next moment the voice note would come through and it would be exactly to a scripture that would speak to that fear. That is so epic. The most radical thing of all this is the fact that the scriptures that this person encouraged me with was from her dad’s sermon he preached to a totally different congregation. AMAZING!! God is good and all the time God is good. Faithful Father! 

Even if you go through a rough time. Tell those close to you to pray for you. They are there for you and want to help. For we ought to encourage each other in faith and times of trouble. Unity in the body of Christ!

Sanctified…                   Unified…                                 Justified…

Dark as it can get,

With everything to regret.

But by His blood you are sanctified,

With that you and Christ are unified.

Now the road begin,

And His word is to feel delighted in.

Through reading His word,

By it you’re justified,

And the fruit of your life is multiplied 

Bread of life

If you’ve tasted a part of the bread of life once, you’ll never want anything ever again. When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan women He told her: “The water I can give you, drink of it and you’ll never thirst again.” 

Since the 25th of January I’ve tasted the real love of God and since then I’ve not been the same. I felt so alive in God and could “live again”. When temptation came I could easily rebuke it and go on with life, because I was knew that I had something greater in me that is in the world. The week of the 8th of February things changed a bit, without me realizing. The devil started to creep in slowly with things of this world and it felt like the ‘Love’ faded away. I was beginning to spend more time in the world than with God. Last night (11th February) the devil came to knock on my door with temptation like I’ve never experienced since the 25th of January. The fact is, I didn’t give in to masturbation of pornography, but still fed the flesh in some sort of way.

After everything happened, I looked back at this week and saw how everything led up to this one night. Now I could understand what it means to live in the Spirit. To really say no to the desires of the flesh and since I’ve experience the love of God I could resist temptation, but the moment I started to live in the flesh and feed the flesh with things of this world, then everything started to go bad without me realizing it. 

Be alert! The devil is walking around like a roaring lion. Seeking to kill, steal and destroy. 

Happy day

“Oh Happy day, You washed my sin away”

The fact that Christ died and rose again, gave Christians new hope. Washed clean by His blood all believers in Christ have a reason to live a joyful life. Christ didn’t just die so a nice story can be written about Him in the Bible. No, He died so we may live in freedom. We are no longer slaves to sin, but righteous man and woman in God. Therefor try and live a holy life. That holy life will lead to eternal life with Christ Jesus.

Obedience to God leads to eternal life…

Obedience to sin leads to death.