Is He enough?

Do you find Jesus to be enough in your life? or when the tough gets going, you find yourself running to other things for help. God has come to give us life to the full. When we encounter a crises or any other situation. He is the one we should call. He is the one with all the wisdom in the world and will be more than willing to help and guide us in the right direction.

He is enough.


Mountains to high

Standing before a mountain and looking up. It is to big to overcome. Suddenly Jesus appears next to the mountain and you look at Him and you look at the mountain. Jesus is so much higher than the mountain. He is bigger and greater than your problem. ‘But God I can’t overcome this, it is to big and I’m seeing no way out’. God replies by saying “You can”. You inherited faith from God. He gave you the same power that rise Christ out of the dead. You can overcome this mountain, just believe. After the encounter with God you realize that the mountain is behind you. Then you realize that during the time you and focus on Him. He helped you overcome this mountain. That is a testimony of how God intervened in your life. Next time you face a big mountain remember that testimony, remember God is bigger than any mountain. For He says in His word: “They have overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony”

You have the faith! You have overcome!

You have God by your side. Just keep your faith in Him.


No one is complete perfect except the One we serve. There is no such thing as a perfect church. There is such thing as a perfect god and that is the One Creator which made heaven and earth. We don’t necessarily need to walk around and find fault in everything. There is enough negativity from the world. It is just important to be aware that there is also weaknesses in lets say a church or even a person, but there is also a lot of good things and we mustn’t overlook those. Therefor be on your toes and when you think something is wrong then you need to report to a senior leader or someone you know well that can help you.