Living under grace

We are all living under God’s grace. He saved us from our sinful nature and has called us to live a holy sacrificed life. Living that kind of life doesn’t come over night or even easily by any chance. It is a costly lifestyle we must live, but our reward is great in heaven. All who perseveres to the end shall be saved.

Remember that you are living under God’s grace, but don’t use that grace to cover up evil.


Grace from above

As raindrops  falls from the sky grace is pouring down from heaven.  Each of us has received a portion of grace given to us by God*.  Soak it up like a sponge and enjoy it.  Share how the grace of God changed your life. Thank God for His hand in your life, because every day He covered you with His grace. The grace of God falling from heaven is a blessing from our heavenly Father. Let us rejoice and be glad for the grace and love God pours on our lives.  May His praise always be on your lips.


Rain from above