O Lord! You know the hearts of Your people, and yet you let us live.

What a gracious God we serve!

God we thank you that we can live for Your glory.

May our incense rise to You, and may we never stop praising You.

Lord help us to draw closer to You

and Father? Forgive us if we step outside Your will.



Self image

Are we more concerned about what to wear to church or do we rather look to prepare our heart for receiving the word of God? Do we fall into that trap of spending more money on ourselves than investing it in the kingdom of God? Are we being good stewards of time here on earth? or are we using it to satisfy our own needs?

God’s image needs to be displayed towards the world, not the materialistic things. For what ever you do, in word or deed, let it be done in the name of the Lord, but don’t you dare use that phrase to justify your actions.

Time for playing is over! We need to lay aside our will and let God’s will be done. We are to aware of ourselves that we miss what God has planned for us.

Wake up church! The time has come that we spend more time in the word of God than anywhere else. For those who are friends of this world can’t be friends of God.

We need to start to get serious about the Lord

Walk straight

Listen to the commandments of the Lord. Do not turn right or left, for then you’ll walk in disobedience. Observe His commandments day and night. Pay heed to His instruction and you’ll live in prosperity. Doing the will of the Father will take humility, but do not be discouraged, for God is with you! He will give you the strength to conquer whatever you face. Continue to walk straight.

A good story to compare this to is the one of Balaam and the donkey. When Balaam was on his journey an angel appeared in front of him, but he didn’t see it. His donkey swirled to the left and right. Later on Balaam spoke harshly to his donkey and then the donkey spoke. The angel was right in front of Balaam and he didn’t see it.

The correlation which I am trying to draw here is the fact that we are sometimes to blinded or to hard headed to follow the commandments of God. We need to soften our hearts and take up our cross.

Follow God! You’ll reap from your fruits.

Your will, be still and know God’s will

We get so caught up in our prayer life and praying according to our own will, that we miss the will of God. Therefor we need to be still and pray His will.

The moment we pray and move in accordance with the will of God, then when we become more like Christ. If we pray according to the will of God, He gives us His vision with a mission her on earth. That passion compels us to do the will of the Father in heaven.

So let us not pray our will, but be still and know God’s will.

In step

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”‭

We have a choice if we would want to walk in the will of God. We also have a choice to rebel against His will. Then you’ll have to pay the bill. So make the choice to rejoice in His will. 

Keep in step with the Spirit and don’t try to limit Him. 

Follow the voice of God. 


The atmosphere is changing, because the Holy Spirit is here

The evidence is all is all around

Overflow in this place

Fill our hearts with Your love

It is Your love that draws us near to You

Make us more aware of Your presence

Help us to focus on the cross of Christ

So Spirit come fall afresh on us

And let Your kingdom come and Your will be done

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@Here as in heaven

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