Self image

Are we more concerned about what to wear to church or do we rather look to prepare our heart for receiving the word of God? Do we fall into that trap of spending more money on ourselves than investing it in the kingdom of God? Are we being good stewards of time here on earth? or are we using it to satisfy our own needs?

God’s image needs to be displayed towards the world, not the materialistic things. For what ever you do, in word or deed, let it be done in the name of the Lord, but don’t you dare use that phrase to justify your actions.

Time for playing is over! We need to lay aside our will and let God’s will be done. We are to aware of ourselves that we miss what God has planned for us.

Wake up church! The time has come that we spend more time in the word of God than anywhere else. For those who are friends of this world can’t be friends of God.

We need to start to get serious about the Lord


90* Clean pipe

We must ensure that the vertical connection between us and God is clean, before we can minister through the horizontal connection. The moment our vertical pipe is clogged we tend to process the wrong information and then ending up saying the wrong things, but if our vertical connection with God is crystal clear, then we say the exact words that the Father wants us to speak.

A problem tends to occur when we start feeding or cause a blockage in the vertical pipe. We cause a blockage through feeding ourselves with the world. Focusing to much on the things of the earth, when God calls us to focus on the things above.

Meditating on the Word of God day and night cleans the vertical pipe between us and God. Then it enables us to minster to the Lord’s people. Yes, scripture says we must be ready to preach the gospel in and out of season. Therefor we must be ready, be on our guards to speak truth into the lives of people.

Clean your vertical connection with the Word of God.

In the moment

Be ready to preach the word of God in and out of season. Don’t wait until morning, but be ready there and then. Be ready to preach in in the moment. It also calls us to be sensitive to the Spirit. The most important thing before preaching the Word of God is reading it. We need to be faithful stewards of the Word and therefor meditate on it day and night.

Give people a taste of the bread of life. Don’t withhold from them the gift of eternity. You can be the last one that they may encounter before they die. Sjoh! That is a burner, but don’t let it become a burden. Let the Spirit lead you in what you do.

Be ready!

God wants to use you!


You are a new creation

by your meditation

on the Word

You are born into the family of Christ

The King who sits on the highest

Your life is a vessel,

that can sometimes feel like a wrestle

Sometimes you hit a whole,

that goes right to your soul,

and you don’t know what’s the goal,

but you trust that He is in control.

So keep on seeking the Righteous One

And you will become

Like His son

To shine His light,

as bright, at night, with all your might

And as your walk with Him,

singing a hymn

He smiles upon your life

Knowing that you are alive (in Him)

Taking His hand and following Him

For He has great plans, just let it in His hands

Keep up the good work chosen one.



Can’t stop!

The word of GodThe only thing I want to talk about

Because it makes me sprout

So just think about 

And let it all out

What the Word is all about

Because it will make you shout (’cause of the joy it stirs inside)

The Word of God brings a smile upon our face

His Word can cause conversations to go on and on (so kwl!)

Let His Word be the only thing on our mind