Weapon of mass destruction

Your mouth can cause a lot of destruction if you don’t watch what you say. Psalm 141:3 says “Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.” If we look at the life of Jesus. He only did what He see the Father do. How many times do we do what the Father does or do we continue in our own wickedness. If partake of this world and become more like it, then we’ll speak like the world and therefor sow destruction. If we meditate on the word of God, day and night as the book of Joshua says, then we’ll speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Scripture also say that we must  encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,”. But we can only do that if we are in tune with the Spirit of God. We’re called to speak life and the only way of doing that is hearing what the Father wants us to say.

Things would start to change if we start speaking life.


Self image

Are we more concerned about what to wear to church or do we rather look to prepare our heart for receiving the word of God? Do we fall into that trap of spending more money on ourselves than investing it in the kingdom of God? Are we being good stewards of time here on earth? or are we using it to satisfy our own needs?

God’s image needs to be displayed towards the world, not the materialistic things. For what ever you do, in word or deed, let it be done in the name of the Lord, but don’t you dare use that phrase to justify your actions.

Time for playing is over! We need to lay aside our will and let God’s will be done. We are to aware of ourselves that we miss what God has planned for us.

Wake up church! The time has come that we spend more time in the word of God than anywhere else. For those who are friends of this world can’t be friends of God.

We need to start to get serious about the Lord

Full Knowladge

When we come to the full knowledge of who Christ is, we wouldn’t want anything else. We must be so saturated in Christ that whatever happens we will be fine with it. In the culture we find ourselves in, we are so brainwashed to think certain things must happen and forget what God says in His word. When we come to the full knowledge of the Word, we will find ourselves in a place of overflow. All that we will want to do is testify of Jesus.

Scripture says…

The World says…

What are you going to believe? What will lead you to eternity?

Don’t be scared to share, you have nothing to gain or to lose.

Go and preach the Good News that has been entrusted to you


World image of Jesus vs Biblical image of Jesus

It is intesting how some saw Jesus as a king to rule their land, but His disciples knew who He was. When He asked the disciples who they think He is. One of my them said “you’re the Christ”. The sermont on the mount where Jesus performed the miricle of the bread and fish had a different result in the people’s response. They seized Him wanting to make Him king, only looking at what He can do in the world and not further than that. Most of the time in our daily lives we have a worldy view of Jesus and that causes us to limit Him to what He can do. The moment we have a biblical perspective of who zjesus is, ot will change our view of life in such an amazing way. He is not just a man who had a minstry for 3 years. Before the earth was made He was with the Father planning how to form the earth and mankind. At one stage the Father decided to send Jesus to earth, but His ministry didn’t just start immediately, for 30 years he was a carpenter. Only after that time did Jesus start His ministry. Different view? Knowing that the One who created you lives inside of you. How will your lifestyle change to live out Him on this planet?

Being God’s mouth peace

We’ve all been given a voice in some sense. Through our body language, sign language or the most common speaking in our own language. Most important of all is that we know that we’re God’s mouth peace and have an opportunity to speak His words on earth. We need to pay attention to the words He whispers to us. Our tongues carry much authority and what we speak comes into being. That is why, in this negative world, we live in we must be the ones speaking the truth of God.

“Let the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be pleasing and acceptable to You o God.”


To be a doctor, professor, psychologist, CEO or even a person that works at the till of a super market doesn’t mean anything in the kingdom of God. We are all heirs with Christ and we are called His sons and daughters. All people are called to be a royal priesthood, holy nation and a chosen generation. Yes, God has placed us in certain professions on earth, but we are His ambassadors here on earth. We represent Him. He has placed a calling on each of our lives and will use us in the field that we are. 

Full time ministry isn’t just working for a church or doing missionary work. It is representing God in the place that He has put you in. 

The best thing you can be called is a son and daughter of God.

Live in that royalty!


Standing in a cross road and not knowing which path to choose. Taking your first step unto one of the paths, but just as your foot is halfway through the air to be put on the ground you look up to God for approval. Now there is nothing wrong to seek after God’s heart and ask Him if it is the right thing to do. Sometimes it is necessary to trust God and go in faith. Choose the path you think is right and go with it. It is also important to realize that you must inquire of God’s wisdom when making choices, because if we make choices by ourselves without including God in it, it will fail. Now including God in your choice doesn’t always mean to ask if this what you are doing is right, but also making the decision yourself and having faith that it is the right one.

Don’t get stuck and feel that if you take the “wrong’ path that God will punish you, trust and have faith that God will use the circumstances to guide you where He wants you to be.